Liberate Your Personal Music Collection

Before there was Spotify, YouTube and other streaming music services, we all maintained our own personal music collection. Dropify allows you to reconnect, reaquaint and refresh your personal music collection and take it with you wherever you go

1. Upload your collection

Simply upload your collection to your Dropbox cloud storage account.

2. Link Dropify to Dropbox

From within the Dropify app you can easily link your Dropbox account. Dropify will automatically identify and categorise your collection into Artists and Albums.

3. Stream your collection anywhere

Stream your collection directly from Dropbox anywhere you have a connection. You can also play your music directly from your device.

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Notable Features

Online & Offline collections

Stream your music from Dropbox or directly from your device.

Easy intuative playlist management

Swipe right on the player screen to easily manage your play queue.

Sleep timer

Drift off to sleep to the sounds of Dropify safe in the knowledge that the sleep timer will stop the music, saving your precious battery and allowing you to sleep soundly.

Unified Search

Easily and seamlessly search for songs, artists and albums from both your offline and online collections.

Many features coming

We are contiously working to enhance Dropify. Coming realeases will support additional cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, lyrics and song identification features as well as unlimited library sizes.

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Find Dropify in both the Android and Apple App Stores